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Posted By: Leo Zimny

US expats; did you know you could claim all this against your US taxes?

American expats can claim way more than they think!

In a recent survey, we found that the many expats, especially new expats had no idea they could claim so much against their US taxes.

  1. Minimize your US tax liability or get it to zero!
  2. Be a


Posted By: Leo Zimny

Get the maximum IRS expat tax exclusions

Many expats we help simply don't realize the amount of deductions they can claim.

There are so many IRS exclusions and deductions you can claim when you are a US expat, living and working abroad. The common ones that new expats aren't aware of are the itemized deductions s


Posted By: Rose-Ann De Villa

US Expats | 10 point checklist to Child Tax Credits

Let’s admit it, having children is expensive. A number of expenses, such as education and child care, need to be added to the budget, not to mention the increase in clothing, food and leisure costs.



Posted By: Darryl Albuquerque | US Expat Tax Specialist

US Expats | Claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion to wipe out your IRS tax liability

Do I qualify for the Foreign Earned Income


Posted By: Susan B. Ahart | US Expat Tax Specialist

What is FATCA and how does it affect US Expats?

FATCA is the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act, F.A.T.C.A.

Agreements have been

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Date published: 07/20/2016