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We do great tax returns for American expats, that's it.

Before we are started our online service, we asked over 1000 American expats what they wanted from an online tax service.

ok, it’s not fun

They said our online service had to be great value, fun and easy. Well, we think we’ve done a top job on the price and we’ve made it super-easy. We didn’t make it fun, sorry.

expat specialists

Our CPAs and EAs that are managing your tax return must be expat specialists with many years experience in actual expat taxes, not just local US taxes, the differences are significant.

upfront prices

Fair prices that are clearly displayed, no extras piled on top, you only pay the first price and that’s it. If you’re not satisfied with the service, we’ll give you a refund, 100% of it.

maximum security

Your concerned about uploading your private documents over the internet? We are too! We only use Tresorit, where 1000 hackers were paid to hack in and they all failed.

foreign income exclusion

For the 2015 tax year, you can exclude up to $100,800 from your US taxable income by qualifying for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

foreign housing exclusion

Depending on where you live outside of the United States, you may qualify for the Foreign Housing Exclusion. The FHE helps compensate you when living in a city where the living costs are higher than the average US living cost of $16,128.

foreign bank accounts & FATCA

Foreign bank accounts that peak over $10,000 in a given tax year have to be reported too. The amount isn't taxed, but it must be reported. A Statement of Foreign Assets (8938) also needs to be filed when you own foreign assets over a certain value.

taxable income

It isn't just your salary, it's all income including bonuses, housing allowance or the value of a property your given to live in and also airfares back the US plus more...


US expats; did you know you could claim all this against your US taxes?

American expats can claim way more than they think!

In a recent survey, we found that the many expats, especially new expats had no idea they could claim so much against their US taxes.

  1. Minimize your US tax liability or get it to zero!
  2. Be a


Get the maximum IRS expat tax exclusions

Many expats we help simply don't realize the amount of deductions they can claim.

There are so many IRS exclusions and deductions you can claim when you are a US expat, living and working abroad. The common ones that new expats aren't aware of are the itemized deductions s

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Date published: 07/20/2016